About our shop

What is 蹊-Komichi-?

桃李不言 下自成蹊
This is the origin of the name of this store.

Translated literally, Momo Yasumomo doesn't say anything, but it means that people can gather together and make a “Komichi” because they bloom beautiful flowers and produce delicious fruits.
Momo Yasumomo is a parable of a moral person, but it is replaced with a cozy place.
My shop is open every day with the desire to be there.

Komichitei is such a shop

"A cozy place that doesn't apply to izakayas, restaurants or coffee shops"
That is the concept of this store.

A place where you can use not only meals but also tea or liquor in various ways depending on your purpose.
がっつりお食事される方、ちょっと一杯、軽くつまんでいかれる方、ご家族やご友人と過ごされる方… 様々なお客様がいらっしゃいます。
When customers who know each other at the store are chatting with each other, it is a moment that makes me feel that it was good to be in the store.
Please use our shop in various ways with free ideas.

Takeout is also substantial