Set meal

The top row is our BIG3 !!
If you are in doubt, please choose from these three.

If you get lost!
Hamburger with a firm texture that contains plenty of gravy. The sauce is a demiglace sauce that has been carefully prepared over a week. Started from a Western food cafeA signboard that has served more than 10,000 mealsMenu.
Hamburg set meal
If you get lost!
Compatibility with rice cooked in a clay pot is outstanding. Lunchtime rice refill rate is No.1 among the best!
Ginger set meal ★
If you get lost!
Juicy and juicy chicken thighs wrapped in crispy clothes. There is nothing better than freshly fried! ! Please realize.
若鶏の唐揚げ定食 ★
900 yen
Grilled mackerel set meal 900 yen
Fried sea bream set ★ 800 yen
Menchikatsu set meal 990円
Sangen pork thick cutlet set meal ★ 1,400円
Fried oyster set (winter) ★ 1,100円

・ You can change the cabbage to salad for a set meal of ★ for an additional 150 yen.

Set drink

iced coffee
Ice cafe ole
black tea
Iced tea
Ice oolong tea
Coca Cola
Ginger ale
Orange juice
300 yen each

・ Customers who order food and desserts will be offered 300 yen for the above drinks only.

Rice and side dishes


A shop owner who loved Ramen Jiro and Iekei, but now he's leaning a little ...
This rich soup that I arrived at, but not persistent. Please have it!
豚骨醤油ラーメン ※現在お取り扱いしておりません。
800 yen
〆の素麺 ※現在お取り扱いしておりません。 480 yen


オムライス 950円
カツカレー ※現在お取り扱いしておりません。 750 yen

-Serving rice, soup, and rice-

rice Large 250 yen
Usually 200 yen
miso soup 200円
豚汁 ※現在お取り扱いしておりません。 350 yen
Natto 80 yen
Raw egg 60 yen
Kimchi 150 yen

-Side dishes-

Please enjoy various flavors in combination with small plates and rice.

hamburger 600 yen
Grilled ginger 690円
Fried chicken One 100 yen
Grilled mackerel 600 yen
Ground Meat Cutlet 250 yen per sheet
fried horse mackerel 250 yen per sheet
Fried Oyster(winter) 一個160円
Pork loin cutlet 1,100円

- dessert -

Vanilla ice cream 300 yen
Freshly baked apple pie with vanilla ice cream
* Apple pie is baked in the oven after ordering. It takes about 30 minutes from your order.
800 yen

- Appetizers -

potato salad 350 yen
cold tofu 350 yen
Onion slices 350 yen
Crispy shrimp Rice cracker 400 yen
Mixed nuts 400 yen
French fries 400 yen
Cream cheese and crackers 450 yen
Salted cabbage 450 yen
Medium rare is recommended !!
Charcoal fired cod roe
450 yen
For the sake party
Eihire, burned over a charcoal fire
450 yen
Dashi Rolled Egg 500 yen
Stew 550 yen
Charcoal grilled Shishamo 600 yen
Sausage baked on charcoal fire 700 yen
Finally, put rice and eat!
Sake Steamed Clam
900 yen
Boiled thick cutlet of Sangen pork 1,280円
A slimy candy and a hot one
Oden (winter only)
800 yen


Lunch box and side dish

- Bento -

Demigrass sauce carefully prepared for a week
Hamburger lunch
800 yen
Rice cooked in a clay pot is smooth!
Pork ginger grilled lunch
800 yen
Nothing better than fresh fried!
Fried chicken lunch
700 yen
Menchikatsu bento 700 yen
Grilled mackerel with salt 700 yen

* Little Side dishes with a discount of 30 yen, Little Rice with a discount of 30 yen

- side dish -

potato salad 300 yen
croquette 1 piece 100 yen
Fried chicken 1 piece 100 yen
fried horse mackerel 1 sheet 250 yen
Ground Meat Cutlet 1 piece 250 yen
hamburger 600 yen
Grilled mackerel 600 yen
ししゃも焼き 600 yen
French fries 350 yen