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Reservations can be made using the form below. Please contact us after filling in the contents.

Please fill in the seat reservation, course, or lunch box.
* Reservation of seats: From 2 people to the same day. (We also accept reservations by phone.)
* For courses: 2 people-2500 yen per person-* We will respond to requests such as budget and course contents, allergies, preferences etc. Until 3 days before.
* Lunch box: Available without reservation, but in advanceWe can give you without having to wait for order. (Reservations for classic lunch boxes can also be made by phone.Customers who wish to place a large order for 10 people or more or request a special lunch box should contact us using the inquiry form below at least 4 days in advance. )

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We also offer our seats as a cultural school place.
Please feel free to contact us.